Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bang, bang...on the door baby

I hope that B-52's song gets stuck in your head! 

Well, our home would not qualify as a love shack, BUT, when you come over, there is an updated door to bang on.  Our front door was white with this awful screen security gate.  This gate had one way screws, so the process for us to finish the door has been a little longer than expected.  Since our yard is drabby, I wanted a "pop of color" at our house, so bring on the paint!  I painted the door yellow and then after some frustration, Ben was able to get the security gate off the door.  This weekend, while I was painting our new door decor, Ben was sanding and putting a fresh coat of white paint over the trim.  What a difference a fresh coat of trim paint can make!  See below, our before and after pics!



I love the wooden monogram on the front door.  It's a bit flimsy so we will see how long it lasts...

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  1. Your Ben is one handy dude! Love the new door.